The 9 steps to becoming a Master Closer

The 9 steps to becoming a Master Closer

Uncategorized May 25, 2018

After having worked for 25 years in sales all over the world, discussed best practices of Closing with the best business people, and spent many years distilling the secrets of Closing; this is the conclusion:


Following these 9 steps will help you close more business.


1.   You Close From Hello

o    If you think ‘closing’ comes at the end of the sales process, think again! In fact, the process of ‘closing the sale’ starts as soon as you meet your client or customer. What you must do is to build a proper “set up” from the first client meeting.


2.   Sell, Don't Slave

o    Clients never stop asking you to do things: provide information, supply a sample, arrange a demonstration, revise a quote... and so on. This is ok, but only to a certain point; avoid becoming “a slave” working for the “king”; the sales person must create a win-win relationship with the...

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