Close Your Sales With System 27

3 Foundation Videos:
Four Steps To Sales Success
There are four essential steps in any smart sales process - and at leas two of them are probably not what you expect! This video presents the four steps in detail and also addresses the traps, problems and setbacks you'll come across most often - and how to either prevent them or deal with them. 


You Have To Understand Before Being Understood
As a sales professional, you have to present information about your product - but this should never be your starting point. First, you have to listen to and understand your client. Only then you can expect your message (why buying from you would be a good idea) to be understood.


You Don't Win A Game Of Chess In One Move
Successfully closing deals isn't about one particularly brilliant trick, strategy or technique. In most cases, it's about building the client relationship and attending to many small but vital details over a period of time. This video explains why the 'many small moves' approach is more effective than searching for that one, elusive 'big knockout'.


9 Main Lesson Videos:

#1 You Close From Hello 
If you think 'closing' comes at the end of the sales process, think again! In fact, the process of 'closing the sale' starts as soon as you a your client or customer. This eye-opening video explains why!


#2 Sell, Don't Slave!
Clients never stop asking you to do things: provide information, supply a sample, arrange a demonstration, revise a quote... and so on. You can spend a lot of time being a slave that never gets paid! This video explains a better (and less tiring) approach!


#3 Don't Leave It To Fate: Vaccinate
There are two ways you can sell. One is to wait for objections and blocks to arise and then try to deal with them. The much better way is to anticipate possible objections and 'disarm' them, so that nothing comes between you and closing the deal. This video shows you how.


#4 Only Power Can Purchase
There's no point selling to someone who can't buy. This video is about verifying that your contact or prospect has sufficient authority to place an order- and, if not, how to reach someone who has. 


#5 Don't Frustrate, Negotiate!
If you can’t negotiate, you can’t sell — it’s as simple as that! Very few deals just happily fall into place, with all parties perfectly satisfied from the start. There has to be some ‘give and take’ along the way. This video explains the delicate yet essential art of constructive negotiation.


#6 Don't Throw The Dice, Know Your Price
In any sales process, you reach a point where you have to name your price — which is where problems can arise. This video explains how to prepare for this moment, how to time it correctly and, perhaps most importantly, how to avoid talking yourself down in price when you don’t have to!


#7 Speed Isn't Greed
Time is critical in every deal. You never just want to sell — you want to sell today and close the deal now. Unfortunately, clients can be very good at delaying or postponing the deal. This video shows you how to avoid this problem so the client wants to go ahead as quickly as you do!


#8 They Won't Object If The Deal’s Correct
Much has been said and written about ‘handling objections’. This intriguing video addresses the subject in a radically different way. If you construct each deal the right way, the objections either never arise or can be dealt with easily and effectively.


#9 Attitude Leads To Altitude
When it comes to closing the deal, attitude is everything! It’s possible to have all the selling skills in the world and still fail for one good reason: you don’t have the winning mindset and the right attitude. This video explains what the correct attitude is and how to cultivate it.


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